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first impressions

Updated: Jan 21

hello! welcome to my blog dear reader.

this blog is not a fully formed idea. and i'm not particularly good at writing or storytelling, but i've always enjoyed it! some themes will emerge, and various opinions will be formed only to quickly be changed.

blogging, writing, or sharing written ideas has long been an interest of mine. but it is always far too easy to talk myself out of it. thoughts that no one would read it, it would be a silly waste of time, etc, swiftly snuff out that little ember.

with that said, think of these, for now, as public personal notes between me, myself, and i. written with the intention that perhaps in a few years (or weeks) i could look back and say, "jacob, wtf were you thinking?"

but if you do get some enjoyment from these ramblings, please let me know! and if there are subjects and topics you would like me to explore, i would like to hear about that. :)

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