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love letter to my chucks

It’s always the simple things... for me, this month, these trusty chucks are bringing me a great amount of joy. I think to myself that I could do with just these and be very content. a true do-it-all-kind-of-shoe.

From Washington to Massachusetts, to the hilly roads of Vashon island, and the damp streets of Boston… For weightlifting and running, for the beach and for camping— these have been the stylish companions of my choosing. I've worn similar shoes since I was a kid. When I came to the USA after growing up mostly abroad, I noticed how everyone had these, and I wanted to be a part of that culture as well.

In the future, I would get the wider variation of them. And perhaps the optical white instead of the natural color.

But until then… I hope to tear these to pieces, with love of course.

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